Men rescue babies that would be aborted

Solution for the 'problem' of abortion

#Abortion ~ It's fascist to think that everyone must do it the way you think it should be done. When you speak to men daily via the media to demand that women can negotiate condom use and have the right to say no to sex, when you provide free access to the Copper T (so that women don't have to pay crazy amounts for contraception, transport to doctors, doctors, and take time off work to go to doctors and pharmacies for contraception), and when you open a kibbutz and take in children that are abandoned and provide mother and father care where children are loved, and medical care pre and post natal, for mother and child... then you can tell me you put some effort of your own into prevention of abortions. Until then, abortion is a solution to a problem men make. And men should not have the right to make another problem that I have to look after - alone - for 20+ years after he decrees abortion 'icky' on HIS religions say so. That is just TOO much entitlement in one place. I'll take my teaspoon of fascism after your mountains and mountains of fascism.

Solution - We assign babies that were to be aborted to random men in society. They will take care of the baby until it is an adult.