The 5 things i wish someone told me before becoming an entrepreneurship. We do not have honest enough conversations about what it takes to travel this lonely and uncomfortable journey.

One of the most difficult journeys an individual can embark on is called entrepreneurship. To some people being an entrepreneur sounds and looks cool because we have seen some of South Africans famous entrepreneurs instagram lives and we envy them. We need to start having honest conversation about what it entails to be an entrepreneur and stop bullshitting each other. 


Firstly, we never talk about the loneliness one feels on this journey. You can be surrounded by a team, family and friends but you will still feel lonely because you are the only person that knows what you are going through. 


Secondly, running a business is like having a new born baby, your business will require all your attention in the first couple of years because it won’t be self-sufficient. Naturally what will happen is you start to lose friends because your sole focus will be making your business successful. You start to realise the importance of authentic friendships and family. 


Thirdly, you will be uncomfortable most of the time. I see this as a good thing because as the saying goes “growth can only take place outside your comfort zone”


Fourthly, the world is going to try break you down. This is a good thing as well because just like in nature, certain events are put in place to eliminate the weak, this is one of those events. You will feel like you are swimming upstream most of the time. 


Lastly, you will meet people who will try eat your lunch. These people will disguise themselves as friends or potential business partners. They will passengers on your bus to success and do minimal work to help you get there. These people you must be careful of.


To be an entrepreneur YOU CAN’T BE NORMAL!  Because normal people would quit before they even start. All the stats are against you, failure is the norm and not knowing if you can pay your bills at the end of the month is daunting. 


To all aspiring entrepreneurs take the leap of faith, if you are waiting for the right time it will never come. If you fail at it at least you would have leant a few life lessons which will serve you well. “A life half lived is a life not lived at all”.


To those who are currently entrepreneurs, stay strong and focused on your end goal. Over night successes were built over many years. Run your own race at your own pace. I’ll see you at the finish line.