Game of thrones season 8

About spoilers of season 8 of game of thrones .

Jon Snow is also most probably going to be around until the series concludes. This, we can surely quote, going by the fact that Harington seemed to have vented his frustration at the fact that most of the people were going in and out of the show while Jon remained there dont miss the war . watch game of thrones season 8 episode 3 on 28 april 2019


Jon Snow: a lot to be done


Jon Snow has a lot to find out and unearth. He most primarily has to find out the truth behind his birth. He has been hounded by rumors that he is a bastard but the time has come when he gets to unveil the pleasant truth that his parents were indeed married to each other. It will come as a pleasant surprise that Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, his parents were man and wife. With that discovery ,will come to the realization that he is in love with his aunt. Another new feature is the dragon on which Jon is seen. Going by trailer, it seems that Jon has the powers of the mystical world with him, so much so that he gets a royal vehicle in the form of the dragon! The great battle is about to begin. The army of Night King and the Army of the Dead are advancing towards the battlefield. The battle is about to begin and so is the excitement, we hope you are ready for the final combat.