Everything I Know About Africa

As a negro in the west with limited perspectives

Am young in the twenties but bright. From the Caribbean/South American region.

Rejected Christianity at 5 yrs old, never thought much about it again till 16 when the godment was coming on heavy. Rejected it again, searched for alternative, found 'new age' stuff with the chakras. Watched 'Avatar', got interested.

Found out about chi and rei-ki (it really works). Studied the chakras in depth and off my own, discovered something critical:: Every sound heard or thought about is related to an area up and down the human body especially at these chakras.

Began to crack down on the english language (used to love to talk but it never did me no good). Broke down letters words and prases into sounds and effects. Vowles consonants predictive programming the human brain and body.


Found out about the origin of roman letters (reverse medu necher). Found out about medu necher and kamat and africa as a whole and how the whole shit was just here to hide the greatest nations and people that ever lived.

For real nothing on TV is about  Africa. Nothing. Sides poverty and water crisis.

They go the whole world to 'Discover' all kinds of shit and barely touch 'Egypt' with they documentary ass but never you see the middle or Rwanda no. You never hear Nubian was black people, you just hear Somali has war.

Back to the sounds and vowles. Medu necher is the realest because its the physical record of what nature sounds like. Ooset is the energy and necher you sing it out with. Oosiri is the energy and necher you read it and command it with. There is no traslation or alternative for what was written there. It is what it is. 

You dont need greek/philosopy/stones/books or whatever to read mju nco just look at the walls or pictures of it long enough and you will get into it. Its that real.

The code says an energy named Amun created Re, and Re created what we see live an breathe here now on this global ball. Amunet was the first, the female nothing. And made the male nothing, Amun. Amun wanted to be something so he became Amun Re. Re made his forces Shu Tefnut, His platform Geb Nut, His Ruling class Ooset Oosiri Set Nebtet, and they made their children for various reasons notably Hiru and Ainbw.

The great big battle was during the creation process. After Re (The energy disk) made Oosiri (The seeing eye), Set came about (Selfishness and Division) to distort Oosiri and whatever he saw as good. Set destroyed Oosiri and became the ruling force, until the mathematical law (Maio'aw'et / Ma'at) rearranged Oosiri into more stable forms such as Hirw and Ainbw using principles Ooset (Sound) and Nebtet (Arrangement). The final version of what we live on here now as a planet is a combination of everything that happens, and will happen again because of the rotating universe which we live in. Hirw force is a strong as Set force so they balance, and we are able to exist for whiles at a time as beings.

The oonic (Ankh) is probably older than both Kamat and Kush. The meaning of the symbol really is just about the continuation of the life process in this universe. The oon, is the top have that can hold energy for a life, such as a woman's womb, or a living thing looking for food. The ic is the bottom half that is the energy or the energy channel. The food, the dick, whatever is to go in. When a bird eats a lizard that is oonic. Every living thing is entitled to this process and was created by this process, that is why all throughout Kush, Kamat, Egypt, Akan civilizations this symbol always did and always will represent life and eternity.

Am fed up of this excessive reading and writing that is english so simply:: Africa knew every shit for a long long time. We had our own wars and conflict yeah but we had some pride and dignity and high culture overall. The piss off is that some of it degraded into phonecian and semetic cultures and became only about the lineage and little about nature itself. Now today we have productive and consumative governments. And no one knows nything bout nature or africa nymore.

No one to talk to abt it really so am just leaving it here like keperi the dung beetle left the ball of shit in the hole for all of his children to eat. hotep. later.